About Us

I became a mom for the first time two years ago. Until that point, I worked extremely hard to establish my career in the advertising industry. As my maternity leave came to a close, I experienced deep regret and shame when I resumed my career.

The "super" women I followed on Instagram, reveled in their fabulous careers, did yoga five times a week, raised twins, cooked seven course meals and kept the tideist homes I'd ever seen. I on the other hand, could barely remember the password to my laptop, routinely left my sneakers home when I could schedule pilates via class pass and my home looked like a fusion of Toys R Us and Upper Breast Side. I joined some new mom groups in search of answers. Are these women real? Are they as exhausted as I am? Who does their dishes? Who cleans their bathrooms? Who's cooking their meals? Do I really want a stranger in my home?

My husband and I hired a nanny when I went back to work and simply couldn't afford a fulltime housekeeper. We tried different services, but we were uncomfortable with them sending whomever was available that week. We longed for a relationship similar to what we cultivated with our nanny.

With that in mind, Clean Gals was created!

❤️ Dayana